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Work in progress Note: this project is still in hard development and CAENRFID does not support it yet! So use it at your own risk!

The llrpd daemon implements the server side implementation of the LLRP protocol. It is still in beta release and it currently supports ROSPECs only (please refer to How to test the daemon section for further details).

The daemon as been designed for Debian/Linux squeeze system but it should run "as is" on other GNU/Linux systems too. You are encouraged to download, run and test it. Then, please, provide a feedback to us if you like it or you just need some improvements!

Note: the code is distributed with the GNU/GPL version 2 license, so it is released as is without any warranty (unless you have brought our product equipped with this tool)! However you can ask for a software enhancement to our customers service.


Theory of operation

The llrpd daemon is very similar to the Caenrfidd daemon so you can refer to it for further info.

Downloading the code

GIT repository

Latest code version is on our GIT repository. You can download the code by using the command:

git clone git://support.caenrfid.it/llrpd

After that you have the full code into the llrpd directory.

Note: a password is needed for cloning.

Then to compile it and getting a Debian package you can use the following commands:

$ cd llrpdd
$ libtoolize && aclocal && autoheader && automake --foreign --add-missing --copy && autoreconf -i
$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

At the end, in the upper directory, you should find your new Debian package ready to install by using:

# dpkg -i ../llrpd_<version>_i386.deb

Debian APT repository

If you are just interested in running the daemon you can use the default Debian packaging tools to download it and run on your Debian based systems (please refer to your specific Linux distribution's manual if you are running a different Linux distribution).

Just verify that the following line is present into one of your APT configuration files:

deb http://support.caenrfid.it/ unstable main

then run the commands:

# aptitude update
# aptitude install llrpd

the system should start installing the package.

Getting help

We published a proper mail list regarding the llrpd daemon usage and development where you can see for help in managing the software, however your are encouraged to check the llrpd FAQs page before asking something...

If you are a CAENRFID's customer you can also try our customers' support.

Configuring the daemon

This part is still under hard developing... so, please, refer to the file /etc/defaults/llrpd.conf and into directory /etc/llrpd/.

Starting the daemon

In order to run the daemon you must disable the Caenrfidd_daemon's default configuration file /etc/default/caenrfidd by setting to no the variable CAENRFIDD_ENABLE. Then stop it by using:

root@ion:~# /etc/init.d/caenrfidd stop

and start the llrp daemon with the command:

root@ion:~# /etc/init.d/llrpd start

Note for the ION's users: if you wish using the llrpd daemon you must disable the caenrfidd daemon first!

Hardware drivers

Hardware drivers are very similar to caenrfidd ones. Please refer to them for further info.

Using the serial port

The daemon has been designed to exchange data over the network but you can do it over the serial port too. Please refer to the caenrfidd similar page.

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