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Here we explain how to use our developing virtual machines and how you can use it in order to develop your custom applications for our products.

Please, write to us for any questions and/or suggestions.


Latest version of all our developing virtual machines can be downloaded from our FTP server, into each products' subdirectories.

Please read the README you find into each subdirectories for further information about the different releases of each virtual machines.

Note: Each zipped file should contain at least 3 files named name.vmdk, name.ovf and You need all these files to import the virtual machine into your VirtualBox.

After downloading the file you can check it by using GPG, the file signature named as file.sig and our public key as follow:

$ gpg --verify
gpg: Signature made Tue 08 Jun 2010 01:53:33 PM CEST using DSA key ID 859BDF89
gpg: Good signature from "CAEN RFID packages maintainer <>"


To install a machine you need the VirtualBox suite version 3.2.12 or above. Please refer to the VirtualBox's home site in order to know how to install it on your machine.

After downloading the desired release you have to use the following commands in order to install it:

$ VBoxManage import <machine>.ovf

where <machine>.ovf is the filename of the machine.

If you prefer using the the graphical GUI interface you can import the machine by selecting the Import Appliance into File menu.

After the import procedure is finished you may need blessing the new machine by edit the machine settings and then just pressing the Ok button.


Once you started the developing virtual machine you can login with username user and password useruser. The superuser root password is rootroot instead.

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